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Last modified on: 12.02.2016

TRIAL's activities



The Advocacy Center TRIAL (ACT) aims to combat impunity by filing complaints before international human rights bodies capable of examining complaints from individuals. The objective of the Advocacy Center is to take advantage of these procedures proactively in order to help victims of the most serious crimes to obtain justice.

Through it's program "Fight against impunity in Switzerland", TRIAL files complaints before Swiss courts against individuals present on Swiss territory suspected of international crimes.

Informing the public+

Informing the public

Trial Watch

Trial Watch is an online database which offers the public easy access to numerous procedures concerning international crimes before national or international tribunals. It includes more than 650 profiles, each one of them containing a brief explanation of the facts, a summary of the legal procedure, as well as useful links to the documents, thus allowing everyone to further explore the files they wish to by accessing: decisions, reports of NGOs, bibliographies, and press articles. Visitors can “subscribe” to profiles representing a current procedure to be updated of any developments in the selected case. 

Nearly 1,000 copies of the TRIAL Journal, which is trilingual, are published three times a year.

International Justice Map

The International Justice Map is a monthly snapshot of the latest developments in the field of international criminal law at national and international tribunals, legislation, truth commissions and UN activities. It is sent to nearly 1,000 people.

TRIAL operates a daily summary of news of international criminal law and the fight against impunity in the world. This summary is updated daily on the TRIAL website and sent to over 1,500 subscribers once a week. 

The association organises many public conferences and panel discussions with a limited number of spaces available, which involve meeting a person working on a topic relevant to TRIAL, as well as screening of films covering topics related to international justice.

TRIAL organizes regular activities during special days such as the International Justice Day on 17 July (when the Rome Treaty of the ICC was adopted) or the International Day of the Missing on 30 August.

TRIAL has drafted a practical manual which explains how authors of international crimes can be prosecuted in Switzerland.




Swiss Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CSCPI)

TRIAL provides the secretariat and the coordination of the Swiss Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CSCPI) which regroups 11 Swiss NGOs. The Coalition is committed to a particularly efficient implementation of the Rome Statute in Swiss law.

TRIAL monitors the Swiss legislative and diplomatic activity related to the matter of impunity of the most serious crimes and works regularly with Swiss and international authorities.

Politically exposed people

TRIAL closely follows the matter of kleptocrat s assets, taking a public stand for such funds to be confiscated within the legal framework and the human rights of the victim. 




Legal Tools for the International Criminal Court

The ICC Legal Tools is a comprehensive digital library dedicated to justice and international criminal law. The job consists of gathering, analysing and classifying the documents of 46 countries on  national legislation and practice in relation to crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC. TRIAL is the only organisation along with several academic research centres to have partnered with the ICC in this important project.

The “Video Game” project, in collaboration with Pro Juventute, allows you to see how video and computer games are compatible with international humanitarian law, through legal analysis of problematic scenes in video games. Originally formulated by TRIAL, the idea of launching such a study obtained an encouragement award at the International Human Rights Forum in Lucerne in 2007. 


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