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profile_655.jpg 18.08.2014   Khieu Samphan Cambodia Cambodia Sentenced

Khieu Samphan is born the 27th of July 1931. He is the son of a provincial judge.

In 1955, Khieu Samphan receives a bursary to study at the University of Montpellier in France, where he publishes a thesis on peasantry and Cambodian politics. In his thesis he (already) defends the idea that...

profile_656.jpg 18.08.2014   Nuon Chea Cambodia Cambodia Sentenced

Nuon Chea, with real name Long Bunruot, was born in 1927, in Battambang.

He completed his secondary studies in Bangkok, Thailand where he lived until 1948. He then studied law in Bangkok but did not complete his studies.

Between 1945 and 1948, he was part-time public...

profile_907.jpg 18.08.2014   Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain Darfur ICC Indicted

Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain ("Banda") was born in Wai, Dar Kobe, in North Darfur. His date of birth is unknown but it is believed to be around 1963. He is a member of the Zaghawa tribe of Sudan. Currently, he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)...

profile_325.jpg 18.08.2014   Augustin Bizimungu Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Sentenced

Augustin Bizimungu was born on 28 August 1952 in Nyange in Byumba prefecture, Rwanda. He was Commander of Military Operations for the Ruhengeri prefecture. On 16 April 1994, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Army. He held this position until July 1994. In this capacity he exercised...

Pelemis.jpg 18.08.2014   Momir Pelemis Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Momir Pelemis is a former Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the 1st Infantry Battalion of the Zvornik Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska.

He was charged as knowing participant in a joint criminal enterprise with other members of the VRS to commit the criminal offence of...

Rasema_Handanovic.jpg 18.08.2014   Rasema Handanovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Rasema Handanovic was born in 1972 and she was a member of the “Zulflikar” Special Purposes Detachment with the headquarters of the High Command of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1996, Rasema Handanovic emigrated to the United States where she obtained US citizenship in 2002. She lived...

photo_safet_bukvic.jpeg 18.08.2014   Safet Bukvic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Safet Bukvic was born on 15 April 1940 in Idbar in the municipality of Konjic. He is of Bosniak background, married, father of three adult children and has no previous criminal record. He completed his military service in Belgrade and became a member of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


CIRKOVIC__Milivoje.jpeg 18.08.2014   Milivoje Cirkovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Milivoje Ćirković was born on 3 November 1973 in Bratunac. He was a member of the Jahorina Training Centre of the Special Police Brigade (SBP) of the Republika Srpska’s Ministry of Interior (RS MUP). 

The Training Centre at Jahorina, in the south-east of Bosnia and...

KARAN_ILIC_Monika.png 18.08.2014   Monika Karan-Ilic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Monika Karan-Ilic was born in 1976. She is associated with Goran Jelisic, himself sentenced to 40 years imprisonment by the ICTY for having killed inmates of the detention camp “Luka” in Brcko.

Karan-Illic was charged with torture, inhumane treatment and the physical abuse of detainees of...

Terzic.jpg 18.08.2014   Albina Terzic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Albina Terzić was born on 29 February 1972 and is a citizen of both Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before she was arrested, she used to live in Mostar in the South of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Terzić is a former military member of the Croatian Defence Council [Hrvatsko...

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