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VC.jpg 09.05.2016   Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova El Salvador United States Sentenced

From 1979 to 1992, El  Salvador  was  in  the  midst  of  a  bloody  civil  war  between  the Salvadoran Government and guerrilla forces. Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova was head of the Salvadoran National Guard between 1979 and 1983. He...

Khaled_Meshaal_01.jpg 09.05.2016   Khaled Mashaal Palestine - Occupied Territories ICC Other

Khaled Mashaal was born in 1956 in Silwad in the West Bank (Palestine). In 1967, his family moved to Kuwait for financial reasons. In 1971, Mashaal joined the Muslim Brotherhood at the age of 15. He graduated from Kuwait University earning a BSc in Physics in 1978. While attending Kuwait...

14303-11_320x240.jpg 09.05.2016   Inocêncio Fabrício De Matos Beltrão Brazil Brazil Indicted

Inocêncio Fabrício De Matos Beltrão served as a Major in the Brazilian military during the dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

The murder of Virgílio Gomes da Silva is considered to be the first of 136 assassinations of dissidents during the military dictatorship. Gomes da Silva was a trade...

09.05.2016   Slavko Savic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

09.05.2016   Selliaha Selliaha Sri Lanka Netherlands Sentenced

Selliaha and four others Dutch nationals originaly from Sri Lankan and living in the Netherlands were accused of extortion, money laundering and spreading propaganda in the Netherlands to benefit the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), among other crimes. This organization was added to the...

Untitled_02.png 09.05.2016   Ahmad Al-Faqi Al-Mahdi ICC Indicted

Ahmad Al-Faqi Al-Mahdi was born approximately 1979 near Timbuktu, Mali. He was a civil servant in education in the Malian government beginning 2011.

According to the ICC, from 4 May 2012 through 10 July 2012, a series of attacks against at least nine mausoleums and two great mosques...

Abubakar_Shekau__Rewards_for_Justice.jpg 09.05.2016   Abubakar Shekau Nigeria Spain Investigations underway

Shekau Abubakar is an ethnic Kanuri from Nigeria. Under his leadership, Boko Haram allegedly committed crimes against humanity such as murder and persecution. It is believed that Boko Haram carried out a series of attacks against the civilian population which resulted in the murder of at least...

ECHEVERRIA_Agustin_img.jpg 09.05.2016   Agustin Echeverría Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Agustin Echeverria was born in 1950. In 1974 he joined the ranks of the police in the province of Formosa, located in the north east of Argentina. He was at that time member of the Formosa Infantry Regiment of Monte 29 (RIM 29). Although he left the police force in 1975, he rejoined RIM 29 in...

09.05.2016   Miodrag Zivkovic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Acquitted

Miodrag Živković is a geological technician who completed Geology High School. He was a member of a Serbian Radical Party volunteer unit during the armed conflict in the former Yugoslavia. 

On the evening of 14 June 1992, Živković and three members of his volunteer unit,...

09.05.2016   Caesar Achellam Other

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

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