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profile_989.jpg 28.04.2016   Eugenio Guanabens Perello Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Eugenio Guanabens Perello was born on 1 January 1926 in Barcelona (Spain). He is the son of Isamel and Catalina Perello. He is married and retired from the Army.

From 11 September 1976 to 9 December 1977, he was the director of the General Lemos Combat Support Services School. He was...

profile_1008.jpg 28.04.2016   Javier Secundo Emilio Palacios Ruhmann Chile France Died before end of trial

Javier Palacios Ruhmann was born in 1925. He was the father of two daughters and one son.

He graduated from military school in 1941 and started teaching at the War academy and other units until 1963. He then spent one year in Fort Bennings in the United-States. In 1968, he was...

profile_724.jpg 28.04.2016   Jeffrey Chessani Iraq United States Dismissal - lack of jurisdiction

Jeffrey Chessani was born in 1964, and comes from the small town of Rangely in Colorada (USA). In 1988, he gained a university degree from the University of Northern Colorado. During his military career, he participated, notably in Operation Just Cause, the Panama invasion of 1989, as well as in...

28.04.2016   Milorad Pejic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Indicted

Milorad Pejic, an ethnic Serb, was born in Vukovar in Croatia in April 1968.

During the conflict Serbian troops bombarded Vukovar, and an 87-day siege ensued. Following the fall of Vukovar, on 20 November 1991, 198 people who had taken refuge in the hospital, including patients,...

profile_739.jpg 28.04.2016   Jovica Stanisic Former Yugoslavia ICTY (Yugoslavia) Acquitted

Jovica Stanisic was born on 30 July 1950 in Ratkovo in the Automomous Province of Vojvodina, Republic of Serbia. He commenced work in the State Security Service (Drzavna bedzbednost or "DB") of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia ("MUP") in 1975. He...

profile_780.jpg 28.04.2016   Sredoje Lukic Former Yugoslavia ICTY (Yugoslavia) Sentenced

Sredoje Lukić, a Bosnian Serb, was born on 5 April 1961 in Rujiste, a village in the municipality of Višegrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as a police officer in Višegrad.

When the war broke out, he was integrated into a local paramilitary group made up of Bosnian Serbs...

profile_756.jpg 28.04.2016   Lawrence Hutchins Iraq United States Sentenced

Lawrence Hutchins was born in 1984 in Plymouth in the State of Massachusetts USA. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps and attained the rank of Sergeant. In January 2006, he was sent to Iraq on his first assignment to a war zone.

On 26 April 2006, around 2 a.m., a group of...

profile_777.jpg 28.04.2016   Nedjo Samardzic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina,  Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Nedjo Samardzic was born on 7 April 1968 in Bileca, municipality of the same name, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Married and father of two children, he was a tradesman.

According to the Indictment, Nedjo Samardzic participated in the widespread and systematic attacks launched by the...

profile_754.jpg 28.04.2016   Mitar Rasevic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Mitar Rašević was born on 15 November 1949 in the village of Cagust (Čagošta) in the municipality of Foča in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He taught sociology. Before, during and after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he served as prison guard commander in KP Dom, 35 miles to the...

profile_786.jpg 28.04.2016   Dragoje Paunovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Dragoje Paunovic was born on 19 June 1954 in Mojkovac, Montenegro. By profession he was a salesman, but was unemployed. He became senior officer of a small military formation attached to the Battalion of Rogatica, a Bosnian municipality located in the east of the Republika Srpska.

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