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15 updates for the last 7 days
17.04.2014   Chen Kuyian China Sought - Arrest warrant

Chen Kuyian was from 1992 to 2001 the first secretary of the Communist Party of China in Tibet from 1992 to 2001. This position is described as the highest in the Tibet Autonomous Province and was exclusivement occupied by chinese citizen since 1959.

Kuyian and six other high officials...

17.04.2014   Mirko Pekez Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Mirko Pekez (a.k.a. Peka), son of Mile, was born on 31 May 1965 in the village of Čerkazovići, Municipality of Jajce. He served the military in 1968, in Slovenia. He is a plumber and single father of two kids.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the armed conflict...

profile_377.jpg 17.04.2014   Innocent Sagahutu Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Sentenced

Innocent Sagahutu is thought to have been born on 30 May 1962 in the Gisuma commune of Cyangugu prefecture, Rwanda. However, his official date of birth is not known. During the events set out in the indictment, he was Second-in-Command of the Reconnaissance Battalion of the Rwandan Army with...

17.04.2014   Augustin Ndindiliyimana Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Acquitted

Augustin Ndindiliyamana was born on or around 15 April 1943, in the Nyaruhengeri commune, in the prefecture of Butare, Rwanda. From 1973, he held ministerial positions (notably as Minister for Youth and Minister of Defence) under the regime of President Habyarimana. On 2 September 1992, he was...

17.04.2014   Francois-Xavier Nzuwonemeye Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Acquitted

François-Xavier Nzuwonemeye was born on 30 August 1955 in Musasa commune in the prefecture of Kigali-rural, Rwanda. In 1993, he exercised the function of Commander of the 42nd Battalion. He was subsequently appointed Commander of the Reconnaissance Battalion within the Rwandan army. He held this...

15.04.2014   Radomir Radovan Susnjar Former Yugoslavia Investigations underway

Radomir Radovan Susnjar was born in 1955 in Bosnia Herzegovina. He worked as a delivery driver for a bakery in the city of Višegrad before the war started.

Višegrad is a small town in south-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the Serbian border. Because of its important hydroelectric...

15.04.2014   Radenko Alavanja Former Yugoslavia Indicted

Radenko Alavanja was born in 1960 and was a Serbian wartime commander in the village of Borovo Selo in Croatia. Borovo Selo is a Serb-populated village in which one of the first armed confrontations of the Croatian War of Independence took place. The conflict was precipitated by months of rising...

OSMIC_Alija_img.jpg 15.04.2014   Alija Osmic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Alija Osmic was born on 24 September 1967 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although an engineering technician by profession, he completed his military service training in 1986-1987 in Stip, Macedonia. He then went on to serve as a member of the Military Police with the 307th Brigade of the...

14.04.2014   Patricio Zamora Navia Chile Sentenced

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

SAVIC_Krsto_img.JPG 12.04.2014   Krsto Savic Former Yugoslavia Sentenced

Krsto Savic was born on 10 October 1959 in the village of Slato, Nevesinje Municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. His military service was completed in Karlovac in four months. Savic then pursued a degree in political science. He was once convicted of manslaughter in a case unrelated to his...

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