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profile_160.jpg 02.05.2016   Jean-Paul Akayesu Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Sentenced

Jean-Paul Akayesu was born in 1955. Before his election as mayor of Taba, he was first a teacher, then education inspector. He started his political career in the Mouvement Démocratique Républicain (MDR; Democratic Republican Movement) in 1991 and soon became President of the local section of...

profile_314.jpg 02.05.2016   Iouri Budanov Chechnya Russia Sentenced

Iouri Budanov was born on 24 November, 1963 in Khartsysk, in the region of Donets, Ukraine. In 1987 he completed his military training at Kharkov's Superior Tanks School. In January 2000 he was decorated with the order of bravery and promoted to the rank of colonel. Soon after he became...

profile_45.jpg 02.05.2016   Emmanuel Bagambiki Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Acquitted

Emmanuel Bagambiki was born in 1948 in Cyangugu, Rwanda.

During the civil war, Emmanuel Bagambiki was préfet of the region of Cyangugu (i.e. he was the highest level government official at the prefectural and local state level).

At the beginning of April 1994, many Tutsis...

profile_294.jpg 02.05.2016   Thomas Lubanga Dyilo Democratic Republic of the Congo ICC Sentenced

Thomas Lubanga Dyilo was born on 29 December 1960 in Djiba in the Ituri district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He belongs to the Hema ethnic group.

After completing his studies at the University of Kisangani, where he obtained a degree in Psychology, Lubanga held a position as...

profile_289.jpg 02.05.2016   Guus Van Kouwenhoven Liberia Netherlands Acquitted

Guus Van Kouwenhoven is a Dutch businessman, born in 1943. Van Kouwenhoven was close to the former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor.

Throughout the civil war which raged on for seven years in Liberia and caused the death of 250’000 people, the parties to the conflict financed...

profile_286.jpg 02.05.2016   Frans Van Anraat Iraq Netherlands Sentenced

Van Anraat was arrested by Dutch officials at his Amsterdam home on December 7, 2004, just as he was apparently planning to flee the country.

He was charged with complicity in war crimes and genocide.

On 27 December 2004, a court ordered his release, a decision that was...

profile_331.jpg 02.05.2016   Johan Tarculovski Former Yugoslavia ICTY (Yugoslavia) Sentenced

Johan Tarculovski was born on 17 November 1974 in the town of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia, then a part of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

In 2001 he was a civil servant in the police forces with the title of “Escort Inspector” to the presidential security...

profile_330.jpg 02.05.2016   Ljube Boskoski Former Yugoslavia ICTY (Yugoslavia) Acquitted

Ljube Boskoski was born on 24 October 1960 in the town of Tetovo in the Republic of Macedonia, then a part of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

From May 2001 until November 2002, Ljube Boskoski held the position of Interior Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of...

profile_98.jpg 02.05.2016   Charles Taylor Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Special Court Sentenced

Charles Taylor was born on 28 February 1948 in Arthington, Liberia. He completed his university studies in the United States, where he was arrested in 1979 for threatening to occupy the Liberian diplomatic mission in New York. He was President of Liberia between 1997 and 2003. His term in office...

profile_605.jpg 02.05.2016   Tomoyuki Yamashita Japan United States Sentenced

Tomoyuki Yamashita was born on 8 November 1885 in the little village of Osugi Mura on the island of Shikoku. After adopting a military career, he worked for the War Ministry and became military attaché in Germany, Hungary and Austria.

After playing a minor role in the attempted coup...

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