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18 updates for the last 7 days
MIR_KASHEM_Ali.png 30.07.2014   Ali Mir Kashem Bangladesh Bangladesh Sought - Arrest warrant

Ali Mir Kashem was born on Horirampur of Manikgonj in 1950 or 1951. He studied at Chittagong. He was a leader of the Islamic Chatro Sangha, the then student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami. Later he was the 3rd in command of Al Badar team. He was the central leader of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami...

30.07.2014   José Remigio Ríos San Martín Chile Spain Sought - Arrest warrant

Jose Remigio Rios San Martin was born in Chile. He was member of the special forces, paratrooper, and agent of the Mulchen brigade of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA). In the year 1976 he served as Sergeant. He is accused of participating in the kidnap and subsequent murder of...

TOWNLEY.png 30.07.2014   Michael Vernon Townley Welsch Chile United States Sentenced

Michael Vernon Townley Welsch was born in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1942. His father worked at Ford Motor Company and was named head of the company in Chile, so he moved with his family to Santiago. In 1961 Townley married Mariana Callejas, who worked as an informer for the National Intelligence...

30.07.2014   Darko Jankovic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Sentenced

Darko Jankovic was born on 12 May 1972 in Kraljevo. He graduated from a secondary school for traffic engineering. He is married and father of two children.

The acts he is accused of were allegedly committed during the armed conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995 in his...

30.07.2014   Helmut Wulf Occupied Italy Italy Sentenced

Helmut Wulf was born on 14th October 1923 in Dortmund, Germany. He fought in the Second World War as a section Sergeant in the 16th SS Infantry Division under the command of Walter Reder.

From 29 September to 5 October 1944, Wulf participated, together with other officers and sergeants of...

POMBO_Carlos_Alberto_img.jpg 30.07.2014   Carlos Alberto Pombo Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Carlos Alberto Pombo was born on 14 May 1948 in Ingeniero Maschwitz in a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the mid nineteen seventies, he was a police officer in the Misiones police force. He was also well known as a footballer in the Argentine national team.

In 1975, in accordance...

profile_493.jpg 30.07.2014   Jadranko Prlic Former Yugoslavia ICTY (Yugoslavia) Sentenced

Jadranko Prlic was born on 10 June 1959 in Djakovo, in the Socialist Republic of Croatia. He obtained his doctorate in Economics at Sarajevo University and was a Professor at the University of Mostar In 1989, he became Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina and,...

201001211748070.2.jpg 30.07.2014   Julio Héctor Simon Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Julio Héctor Símon was born in Buenos Aires on 12 August 1940. As a young man, he joined the Navy as a volunteer, where he worked for a little more than four years. He joined the police in 1967 and finished with the Rank of Sergeant in the Federal Police. He is accused by survivors of the...

30.07.2014   Ranko Kozlin Kosovo Serbia On trial

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

JASHARI_Sahit_img.jpg 30.07.2014   Sahit Jashari Kosovo Kosovo On trial

Sahit Jashari is Albanian from Kosovo (in the Former Yugoslavia). According to the indictment against him, he was a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), created to fight against Serbian forces operating in the Kosovo area.

The EU rule-of-law mission to Kosovo, EULEX, is prosecuting...

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