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7 updates for the last 7 days
22.05.2015   Duro Krosnjar Former Yugoslavia Croatia Sentenced

Đuro Jovan Krošnjar was born on 5 May 1958 in Berak, Croatia. Krošnjar is a Croatian Serb.

Krošnjar was a member of a Croatian Serb paramilitary group called Štaba teritorijalne obrane Mikluševci, meaning Mikluševci defence forces. The paramilitary group was associated with the...

DJURDJEVIC_Zoran_img.jpg 21.05.2015   Zoran Djurdjevic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Other

Zoran Djurdjevic was born on 3 April 1966. He is from Sabac, Serbia. He is married and has two children. After finishing high school, he worked as an electrical welder. He did not serve in the army.

After war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Djurdjevic fought for the Serbian...

21.05.2015   Zoran Alic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Other

Zoran Alic was born on 14 April 1975 in Valjevo, Serbia. He finished primary school, is unemployed and unmarried. He did not serve in the army.

After war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Alic fought for the Serbian party in the conflict, on the territory of municipality of...

GAMEN_Hector_Humberto.png 21.05.2015   Héctor Humberto Gamen Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Héctor Humberto Gamén was born on 21 April 1925 in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1948 he joined the Argentinian Army and between 1974 and 1975, he was Argentine Military Attaché in Bolivia with rank of Coronel. On December 1975, he was named Second Commandant and Chief of Staff of...

DROUBI_Mouhannad_img.jpg 19.05.2015   Mouhannad Droubi Syria Sweden Sentenced

Mouhannad Droubi, a Syrian national, was born in 1985.

At the time of the alleged crimes, Droubi was fighting for the Free Syrian Army (FSA). As an FSA militant, Droubi fought in the Syrian Civil War that began in 2011 against Syrian government forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar...

profile_98.jpg 19.05.2015   Charles Taylor Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Special Court Sentenced

Charles Taylor was born on 28 February 1948 in Arthington, Liberia. He completed his university studies in the United States, where he was arrested in 1979 for threatening to occupy the Liberian diplomatic mission in New York. He was President of Liberia between 1997 and 2003. His term in office...

15.05.2015   Jean-Pierre Sewabeza Rwanda Rwanda Sentenced

Jean-Pierre Sewabezawas was mayor of Kagano in the former prefecture of Cyangugu (South West Rwanda) when the events took place. He was also the vice-president in this prefecture of the CDR (Coalition for the Defense of the Republic).

He was indicted for having locked up Tutsis in the...

profile_398.jpg 12.05.2015   Okot Odiambo Uganda ICC Died before end of trial

Okot Odiambo was one of the key commanders of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group which terrorized the civilian population in Northern Uganda (see “context“).

In April 2005, in the course of a reorganisation of the LRA’s four brigades, Okot Odiambo was reportedly promoted...

profile_455.jpg 12.05.2015   Omar Ahmed Khadr Afghanistan United States Sentenced

Khadr was born on September 19, 1986 in Toronto, Canada. In 1990, Khadr and his family moved from Canada to Peshawar, Pakistan.

Khadr's father, Ahmad Sa'id Khadr (hereinafter Ahmad Khadr) was a senior al Qaeda member and close associate of Osama bin Laden and numerous other senior...

LAMA_Kumar.jpg 12.05.2015   Kumar Lama Nepal Great Britain On trial

Kumar Lama, who is a Nepalese Colonel, was recruited into the Nepalese Army as a combat engineer in 1986 and has since served therein. During the Nepalese civil war he was a commander of the Gorusinghe barracks in Kapilvastu. Lama left Nepal after the political changes in 2006. In 2008, he...

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