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SANCHEZ_CARO_Olimpo_de_Jesus_img.jpg 25.04.2015   Olimpo de Jesús Sánchez Caro Colombia Colombia Sentenced

Olimpo de Jesús Sánchez Caro, also known as Cristobal, Chucho, Roble, Matacuras, and El Viejo, fought with armed guerilla forces in Colombia against the government of the Republic of Colombia from 1986-2008.

Sánchez Caro is most notorious for his role as the leader of the Guevara...

25.04.2015   Vincas Valkavickas World War Two Lithuania Investigations underway

Vincas Valkavickas was born in 1920 in Lithuania. He studied until the fourth grade and he became a farmer.  

During the Nazi invasion of Lithuania in 1941, he was a voluntary member of the Auxiliary Police of Lithuania supporting the Nazi control, an organization supposedly formed...

BIRINDABAGABO_Jean-Paul_img.png 25.04.2015   Jean-Paul Birindabagabo Rwanda Rwanda Investigations underway

Jean-Paul Birindabagabo was born in 1956. He is of Hutu ethnicity and is a native of Rubavu. He was president of an agricultural cooperative company in Sake, in the south east of Rwanda when the genocide broke out in April 1994. He was considered to be an important member of the National...

25.04.2015   Zdenko Magoc Former Yugoslavia Croatia Sentenced

Zdenko Magoč was born in 1964 in Croatia. Magoč is a Croatian Serb and, before the Croatian War of Independence, he worked for a local cooperative as a combine harvester operator.

Magoč was a member of a Croatian Serb paramilitary group called Štaba teritorijalne obrane...

25.04.2015   Ekren Ibracevic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Ekren Ibracevic is of Bosnian descent. During the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, he was chief of the Military Security Section of the Municipal Headquarters of the Territorial Defence in Srebrenica.

At the beginning of June 1992, Ibracevic, along with two subordinate police officers,...

21.04.2015   Goran Vujovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Goran Vujovic is originally from the Bileća region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was the head of the public security station in Bileća throughout the Bosnian war and remained in the position until he was removed in September 2002 by the International Police Task Force (IPTF).


sitemgr_photo_196809.jpg 21.04.2015   Laurent Serubuga Rwanda France Indicted

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

profile_201.jpg 21.04.2015   Pauline Nyiramasuhuko Rwanda ICTR (Rwanda) Sentenced

Pauline Nyiramasuhuko was born in 1946 in the commune of Ndora, Butare prefecture, Rwanda. Born into a poor farming family which produced just enough to get by, she became a local success story. At college, she became friends with Agathe Kanziga who, later, was to marry the Hutu President...

LAMA_Kumar.jpg 20.04.2015   Kumar Lama Nepal Great Britain On trial

Kumar Lama, who is a Nepalese Colonel, was recruited into the Nepalese Army as a combat engineer in 1986 and has since served therein. During the Nepalese civil war he was a commander of the Gorusinghe barracks in Kapilvastu. Lama left Nepal after the political changes in 2006. In 2008, he...

NEZIROVIC_Almaz_img.jpg 20.04.2015   Almaz Nezirovic Former Yugoslavia United States,  Bosnia Herzegovina Indicted

Almaz Nezirovic was born on 14 August 1959 in Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time of the alleged crimes, he was a prison guard at the Rabic prison camp in Derventa. In 1992 Serbian troops were reported to have attacked Deventa the town where he was born. Following this Nezirovic joined...

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