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profile_761.gif 03.09.2015   Bosco Ntaganda Democratic Republic of the Congo ICC Indicted

Bosco Ntaganda is believed to have been born in 1973, of Rwandan nationality and Tutsi descent. He fought with the Rwandan Patriotic Army during the 1994 genocide. He was former Deputy Chief of General Staff for Military Operations of the Patriotic Forces for the Liberation of the Congo (FPLC),...

02.09.2015   Milorad Nisavic Kosovo Serbia Sentenced

Milorad Nisavic served as a member of State Security in Prizen, Kosovo, throughout the Kosovo War, during which time he is accused of participating in the murders of 48 members of the Berisha family that occurred during the Suva Reka Massacre.

In the spring of 1999, the Yugoslav Army,...

01.09.2015   Ivica Perkovic Former Yugoslavia Kosovo Sentenced

Ivica Perković alias Mungos ("Mongoose"), born on 27 June 1965 in Brezici, municipality of Derventa. Ivica Perković, was a member of the 103rd Derventa Brigade of the HVO, the Croat Defence Council. 

During the armed conflict between the Territorial Defence...

31.08.2015   Pano Bulat Former Yugoslavia Serbia Sentenced

Pano Bulat is a Serbian citizen, was born on 30 January 1950. During the war in Croatia, Bulat held the position of Deputy Commander responsible for security within the second battalion of the Army of the Republic of Serb Krajina.

Between 19 and 23 March 1992 Bulat, is reported to have...

31.08.2015   Mirko Pekez Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Mirko Pekez (a.k.a. Peka), son of Mile, was born on 31 May 1965 in the village of Čerkazovići, Municipality of Jajce. He served the military in 1968, in Slovenia. He is a plumber and single father of two kids.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the armed conflict...

28.08.2015   Vaso Todorovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Vaso Todorovic was a police officer of the Šekovici Second Detachment Special Police Unit during the Bosnian conflict.

The region of Srebrenica was a key battleground during the Bosnia conflict, with many civilian fatalities. Bosnian Muslims gathered in the municipality’s centrally...

DRONJAK_Ratko_img.jpg 28.08.2015   Ratko Dronjak Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Ratko Dronjak was born on 6 April 1962 in Bosnia Herzegovina. He commanded detention centres in the Drvar region whilst he was in the Bosnia Herzegovina army.

 Dronjak, along with guards from the detention centres, security officers and military police officers and their commanders...

27.08.2015   Jusuf Hindic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Indicted

Jusuf Hindić is a Bosnian national born in 1954 in Lug, Serbia. He was member of the 44th Brigade of the Bosnian Army during the armed conflict opposing the Bosnian forces to the Croatian Defence Council.

Hindić allegedly committed war crimes against civilians and prisoners of...

IVANKOVIC_Nikola_img.png 25.08.2015   Nikola Ivankovic Former Yugoslavia Croatia Sentenced

Nikola Ivankovic was born on 27 May 1959 in Vladislavci, Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia. He finished his secondary education and completed his army service from 1978 to 1979 in the Yugoslav National Army in Podgorica (part of today's Montenegro). When the crimes of which he is accused were...

24.08.2015   Marinko Maric Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Indicted

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