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14 updates for the last 7 days
BLANCO_LAPOLA_Marlene_Raquel_img.jpg 11.07.2014   Marlene Raquel Blanco Lapola Guatemala Guatemala Indicted

Marlene Raquel Blanco Lapola was born in 1966 and entered the police force at age 22 as a police agent. She later joined the field of research in the Division of Criminal Investigation (DINC) where she specialised in the investigation of kidnappings and robberies. She also worked on issues...

Hans_LIPSCHIS_Img.jpg 11.07.2014   Hans Lipschis Nazi Germany Germany Indicted

Hans Lipschis was born as Antanas Lipsys in Kretinga, Lithuania on 7 November 1919. When the German army invaded Lithuania in 1941 he became a member of the Waffen-SS and started working in the Auschwitz-Birkena concentration camp. He served there from 23 October 1941 until the end of World War...

10.07.2014   Toplica Miladinovic Kosovo Serbia Sentenced

Toplica Miladinović, also known as “Top”, was born on 18 September 1957 in Rakoš, in the Istok municipality in Serbia.

He is a retired military officer, married and has four children. He finished military high school for ground forces in Zadar, Croatia. He was a serviceman in the army...

10.07.2014   Pavle Gavrilovic Former Yugoslavia Serbia Indicted

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

10.07.2014   Fuat Karaosmanoglu Turquie Turkey Sentenced

Fuat Karaosmanoglu was the Director of the Metris prison located in Istanbul (Turkey). In 2008, he was involved along with other officials in acts of torture leading to the death of Engin Ceber.

Engin Ceber was a Turkish journalist and human rights activist who was 29 years old when he...

SEGO_Osman_img.jpg 10.07.2014   Osman Šego Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Sentenced

Osman Šego was born on 13 May 1966 in Oborci in the Municipality of Donji Vakuf and took up residence in Bugojno in present day Bosnia-Herzegovina.

He is of Bosnian nationality, and worked as a technician, a specialist in the treatment of wood. He is married with a young child.


profile_964.jpg 10.07.2014   Novak Dukic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Acquitted

Novak Đukić was born on 10 April 1955 in Donja Kola in the Banja Luka Municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is an ethnic Serb.

Đukic graduated from the Military Academy and became a professional serviceman. He was decorated with the Karađorđe Star of the Third...

MAGNACCO_Jorge_img.jpg 09.07.2014   Jorge Luis Magnacco Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Jorge Luis Magnacco, a medical doctor, was the Captain of the Argentinian navy. He worked as an obstetrician in the military hospital and Mitre clinic in Buenos Aires. 

During the military regime ruling the country from 1976 to 1983, there existed a plan (the “Plan Sistemático”)...

profile_1048.jpg 09.07.2014   Laurent Gbagbo Côte d'Ivoire ICC Indicted

Laurent Gbagbo was born on 31 May 1945 in the village of Mama, near Gagnoa. A history lecturer by profession, with a doctorate from a Paris university, he became a strident opponent of Côte d'Ivoire’s founding president Felix Houphouet-Boigny. He has been married twice and has four children and...

RAGUZ_Veselko_img.png 09.07.2014   Veselko Raguz Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina Acquitted

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