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Hormisdas Nsengimana

Trial before the ICTR began on 22 June 2007; on 17 November 2009 he was acquitted on all charges and set free; he currently lives in Italy
Priest, rector of the College of Christ the King

Hormisdas Nsengimana was born on 6 August 1954 in Cyanika commune in the prefecture of Gikongoro, Rwanda. At the time of the allegations, he was a priest with the function of rector of the college of Christ the King in Nyanza, in the commune of Nyabisundi in the prefecture of Butare, Rwanda.

Hormisdas Nsengimana was indicted for being responsible for killing or causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the Tutsi population, with intent to destroy in whole or in a part a racial or ethnic group.

He was charged with having started to gather weapons since 1990 with the aim of killing Tutsis when the time came and in April 1993, for having expelled two students from the college on the basis that they were Tutsis.

Several anti-Tutsi hostile statements were attributed to him such as: “I hate the Tutsi, this will not last and you will see your fate.” He was accused of playing a leading role in a group of killers called “The Dragons” or the “Death Squad”, made up of college employees, the sous-prefet, other leading citizens and the Interahamwe (extremist Hutu militia).

From 6 April 1993 onwards, he allegedly took measures to ensure that no Tutsis could enter the college, and, on several different occasions, went out from the college for the night in the company of the above mentioned armed group.

Nsengimana was accused of inciting the Hutu students during the nocturnal rounds to attack the Tutsi students, and thereafter of encouraging them to mount roadblocks around the college. Nsengimana is reported to have gone to these roadblocks, where he took advantage of his authority to encourage killings of Tutsis.

He was also accused of capturing Tutsis and handing them over to the Interahamwe.

Furthermore, he was indicted for personally murdering Tutsis, including the college housekeeper, an old woman who was in hiding, and for turning over to his colleagues to be killed a former student of the college who had come to visit him.

Finally, he was indicted for holding public meetings at the college or in the town with the group of armed killers mentioned previously.

Hormisdas Nsengimana was arrested on 21 March 2002 in Cameroon.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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