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Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda

Sentenced to life imprisonment on 6 December 1999; judgment confirmed by the Appeals Chamber on 26 May 2003; transferred to Cotonou, Benin, to serve the rest of his sentence on 27 June 2009

Georges Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda was born on 28 November 1958 in Ngoma, prefecture of Kibuye. At the time of the events described here, he was an agricultural engineer and businessman. He acted as a chairman of his own limited liability company, named after himself, which imported food and beverages.

Georges Rutaganda was also a member of the national and the regional committee of the Mouvement Républicain National pour le Développement et la Démocratie (MRND; National Republican Movement for Development and Democracy) and shareholder of Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM; Free Radio and Television of the Thousand Hills).

On 6 April 1994 he occupied the post of second vice-president of the national committee of the Interahamwe, (an extremist Hutu militia of the MRND)In carrying out this function he was said to have encouraged and participated in several killings of civilians in Rwanda. He led house by house searches during which Tutsis were captured and executed.

At the beginning of April 1994, in particular, he reportedly ordered men under his control to kill 10 civilians of Tutsi origin using machetes.

During the same period he also was said to have participated in the attack on the Official Technical School , where unarmed people had found refuge. Many of them were killed and the survivors were taken away for identification purposes. Around 12 April 1994 those amongst them who were found to be of Tutsi origin were executed. Georges Rutaganda, together with others, organised and carried out these operations.

Georges Rutaganda was arrested on 10 October 1995 in Lusaka, Zambia, and transferred to Arusha on 26 May 1996.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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