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Lahi Brahimaj

Trial began on 5 March 2007; sentenced to 6 years imprisonment on 3 April 2008; re-trial ordered on 19 July 2010; acquitted of all charges on 29 November 2012.
Second in command of army general staff operations in Dukagjin

Lahi Brahimaj was born on 26 January 1970 in Jablanica in the Municipality of Dakovica, Kosovo.

During the entire period referred to in the act of indictment (1 March 1998-30 September 1998), Lahi Brahimaj was a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK), and second in command of army general staff operations in Dukagjin. Based in Jablanica, he reported directly to Ramush Haradinaj, a close family relative.

On 24 March 1998, UCK forces launched a major campaign aimed at forcing Serbs out of Kosovo. The UCK forces, under the direct command of Ramush Haradinaj, and in particular that of the “Black Eagles” led by Idriz Balaj, harassed, abused, expelled, captured, imprisoned and tortured Serbian civilians and ethnic Roma Egyptians from the villages surrounding the Glodjane region.

Between March and September 1998, 25 Serb policemen were said to have been targeted for such treatment and more than 60 Serb and Albanian civilians were reported to have been abducted and then executed.

On 12 September 1998, a team of Serbian forensic police officers, found the remains of at least thirty people on the banks of a canal near Lake Radonjic. The bodies of 6 people were found at the Ekonomija farm and those of at least three other victims on the Dasinovac road.

Lahi Brahimaj was indicted by the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia) Prosecutor on 4 March 2005. Five days later, he voluntarily surrendered to the ICTY in The Hague.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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