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Nikola Jorgic

Found guilty for genocide and sentenced to life imprisonment; judgment found to be in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights on 12 July 2007
Leader of a paramilitary group

Nicola Jorgic was born in 1946 in the Doboj region of Bosnia-Herzegovina

According to findings of the Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf, Bosnian Serb Nikola Jorgic was the leader of a paramilitary group that took part in acts of terror against the Muslim population; the crimes were carried out with the backing of the Serb rulers and were designed to contribute to their policy of “ethnic cleansing”.

Jorgic arrested Muslims and put them in prison camps where they were allegedly tortured; the Court also found that in June 1992, he took part in the execution of 22 inhabitants of Grabska (among them disabled and elderly people), who had gathered in the open in order to escape fighting. Three other Muslims had to carry the dead to a mass grave. A few days later, Jorgic reportedly ordered the expulsion of their village and the brutal ill-treatment of 40-50 inhabitants from Sevarlije; six of them were shot dead. The seventh victim, who was not fatally wounded, died later when he was burned together with the six bodies. In September 1992, Jorgic reportedly put a tin bucket on the head of a prisoner in the central prison of Doboj and hit it with such force that the victim died as a consequence of the blow.

From May 1969 until the beginning of 1992, Nikola Jorgic had his permanent residence in Germany; he was still officially registered in Bochum, Germany, after that. His German wife and his daughter, whom he visited repeatedly after his crimes, still live in Germany. After entering Germany on his own free will, he was arrested at the airport of Düsseldorf, Germany.

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