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Aloys Ndimbati

Sought; indicted on 25 April 1996 by the Prosecutor of the ICTR; case referred to Rwandan authorities on 25 June 2012.

Aloys Ndimbati was born sometime in the fifties in Gitabura, in the Gisovu commune of the prefecture of Kibuye, Rwanda. In 1990, he was appointed mayor of the commune of Gisovu. In this capacity, he represented executive power at the communal level. He exercised his authority over his subordinates and had the power to requisition the communal police and the national gendarmerie. Ndimbati was accused of playing a preponderant role in the systematic extermination of Tutsis at different places in Kibuye prefecture in 1994.

Between 9 April and 30 June 1994, Ndimbati is accused of having participated in and being present at massacres of Tutsis throughout the Kibuye prefecture.

Between 9 April and 30 June 1994, tens of thousands of Tutsis and moderate Hutus – who were trying to escape from the massacres which were underway in Kibuye prefecture – sought refuge in the hills in the Bisesero region. The massacres in this region, which is situated in the Kibuye prefecture and includes the communes of Gishyita and Gosovu, lasted from April until June 1994, and resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. During this period, this region was under attack almost daily. The attackers were armed, in particular, with rifles, grenades, machetes and spears in order to massacre Tutsis on the hillside of Bisesero.

On several occasions from April to June 1994, Aloys Ndimbati and others, namely Clément Kayishema, Obed Ruzindana and Charles Sikubwabo are said to have escorted units of the national gendarmerie, and the Gishyita and Gisovu communal police, as well as units of the Interahamwe (extremist Hutu militiamen) and armed civilians to various locations in the Besesero region where they were alleged to have given orders to attack the Tutsis who had sought refuge there. Furthermore, Ndimbati is said to have personally attacked and killed persons who had sought refuge in this region

Overall, these attacks resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and high numbers of wounded.

In July 1994, faced with the advance of the troops of the FPR (Rwandan Patriotic Front, an opposition movement composed essentially of Tutsi refugees and led by Paul Kagame), Ndimbati fled Rwanda, most probably to the Democratic Republic of Congo. As of today, he has still not been found.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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