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Orlando Ramon Agosti

Sentenced to four and a half years in prison

Orlando Ramon Agosti was born in 1924. He took up a military career and rose in the ranks to become Brigadier General. Specifically, he was in command of the Argentine air force.

On 24 March 1976, a military junta, in which Agosti participated until 1979, gained power by a coup d‘état. During the years of dictatorship, in what was later to be termed the “dirty war” (1976-1983), the Argentine military resolved to eradicate what successive juntas called “subversive thoughts” as well as “terrorists”, namely “anyone who disseminated ideas contrary to Western Christian civilisation”. During the years that followed, the military murdered or forcibly “disappeared” from 10’000 to 30’000 people. In addition, some 500’000 opponents of the regime found themselves forced into exile to escape from its repression.

Several hundred secret detention centres were set up throughout the country. Torture was practised systematically in these centres. Also in these places numerous prisoners were murdered or disappeared. Young women prisoners who gave birth there had their children taken away from them and placed in military families after falsification of the relevant documents.

In the course of 1983, the military regime, weakened by its resounding defeat by the British navy in the Falklands war, gave way to a democratically elected civilian government with, the Radical, Raul Alfonsin, as its President.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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