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Julius Streicher

Executed by hanging on 16 October 1946
Head of the Nazi Party in Franconia and Editor of the “Der Stürmer”

Julius Streicher was born on 12 February 1885 in Fleinhausen, Bavaria. Son of a schoolmaster, he worked as a teacher in a primary school until joining the German army in 1914.

In 1919, Streicher helped to establish an anti-Semitic political organisation which would later be incorporated into the NSDAP, the Nazi Party.

In 1923, at the time of the Munich putsch attempt, Streicher became a close collaborator of Adolf Hitler. It was also in 1923 that he founded and became editor of the violently anti-Semitic newspaper, “Der Stürmer”, which in 1935 had a circulation of 600,000 copies. Streicher used the newspaper as a forum to make known his deep hatred of the Jews and to accuse them of being responsible for all the difficulties with which Germany was afflicted.

In 1929, Streicher was appointed Gauleiter of the NSDAP for Franconia a position he held until 1940. After the Nazis came to power, he also became a Member of the Reichstag, the German Parliament, until 1945. In addition, Streicher held other positions, in particular in the SA. It is noteworthy that Streicher organised a boycott programme against Jewish companies, which began on 1 April 1933, and advocated the 1935 Nuremberg Decrees. By way of other examples, Streicher was accused of being responsible for the Nuremberg Synagogue fire of 10 August 1938, and of publicly applauding, on 10 November of the same year, the pogrom which took place on that date.

A number of his publications called for the annihilation of the Jews. For example in a May 1939 article Streicher wrote “A punitive expedition must be organised against the Jews in Russia. A punitive expedition which will provide the same fate for them that every murderer and criminal must expect-.the death sentence and execution. The Jews in Russia must be killed. They must be exterminated root and branch.”

Due to his verbal attacks against certain high ranking members of the Party, Streicher was gradually stripped of all his positions in the NSDAP beginning in 1940. Nevertheless Hitler allowed him to continue publication of “Der Stürmer”

Julius Streicher was accused of having used his different positions, his personal influence and close relationship to Hitler to promote the accession to power of the Nazi conspirators and the consolidation of their control over Germany set forth in count 1 of the Indictment. He was also accused of authorising directing and participating in crimes against humanity as set forth in count 4 of the indictment, including particularly incitement towards persecution of the Jews set forth in count 1 and count 4 of the indictment.

Streicher was arrested on 23 May 1945.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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