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Salim Ahmed Hamdan

Found guilty by a Military Comission on 6 August 2008 of providing material support for terrorism and sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment
Usama bin Laden’s former bodyguard and driver

Salim Ahmed Hamdan was born in Yemen in 1970.

In 1996, Hamdan allegedly met with Osama bin Laden in Qandahar, Afghanistan and ultimately became a bodyguard and personal driver for Osama bin Laden. He is said to have served in this capacity until his capture in November 2001.

From 1996 through 2001, Hamdan allegedly delivered weapons, ammunition or other supplies to al Qaeda members and associates, picked up weapons at Taliban warehouses for al Qaeda use and delivered them directly to Saif al Adel, the head of al Qaeda’s security committee, in Qandahar, Afghanistan.

He allegedly purchased or ensured that Toyota Hi Lux trucks were available for use by the Osama bin Laden bodyguard unit.

Furthermore, he is said to have served as a driver for Osama and other high ranking al Qaeda members and associates. At the time of the al Qaeda sponsored attacks on the U.S Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in August of 1998, and the attacks of September 11, 2001, Hamdan allegedly served as a driver in a convoy of three to nine vehicles in which bin Laden and others were transported to various areas in Afghanistan.

On several occasions between 1996 and November 2001, Hamdan is said to have driven or accompanied Osama bin Laden to various al Qaeda-sponsored training camps, press conferences, or lectures. During these trips, Osama bin Laden would give speeches in which he would encourage others to conduct “martyr missions“ (meaning an attack wherein one would kill himself as well as the targets of the attack) against the Americans, to engage in war against die Americans, and to drive the “infidels“ out of die Arabian Peninsula.

Between 1996 and November 2001, Hamdan, allegedly on various occasions received training on rifles, handguns and machine guns at the al Qaeda-sponsored al Farouq camp in Afghanistan.

Afghani militia forces captured Salim Ahmed Hamdan in Afghanistan in late November 2001.

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