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Gojko Jankovic

Decision of the ICTY on 22 July 2005 to refer the case to the State Court, for trial in Bosnia and Herzegovina; sentenced to 34 years in prison on 16 February 2007; Sentence confirmed by the Appeals Panel on 20 November 2007
Sub-commander of the Bosnian Serb military police in the town of Foca

Gojko Jankovic was born on 31 October 1954 in Trbusce, municipality of Foca, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a period of time he had lived in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Prior to the capture of Foca, he worked in the Sipad Maglic Company and owned a cafe in Trnovaca. He was then Sub-commander of the Bosnian Serb military police in the town of Foca.

Between 3 July and about 13 July 1992, at least 72 Muslim inhabitants of the municipality of Foca were detained in two classrooms in the Foca High School, including women, children and the elderly who had earlier been held at Buk Bijela. On or about 13 July 1992, all detainees were transferred from Foca High School to the Partizan Sports Hall in Foca. Many of the female detainees were subjected to sexual abuse during their detention at the Foca High School. From the second day of their detention, every evening, groups of Serb soldiers sexually assaulted, including gang-rape, some of the younger women and girls in class-rooms or apartments in neighbouring buildings.

Partizan Sports Hall functioned as a detention centre for women, children and the elderly from at least 13 July 1992 until at least 13 August 1992. The detainees held at Partizan, during this time period, numbered at least 72. The detainees were all civilian Muslim women, children and a few elderly persons from villages in the municipality of Foca. Living conditions in Partizan were brutal. The detention was characterised by inhumane treatment, unhygienic facilities, overcrowding, starvation, physical and psychological torture, including sexual assaults. Immediately after the transfer of women to Partizan, a pattern of sexual assaults commenced. Armed soldiers, mostly in groups of three to five, entered Partizan, usually in the evenings, and removed women. When the women resisted or hid, the soldiers beat or threatened the women to force them to obey. The soldiers took the women from Partizan to houses, apartments or hotels for the purpose of sexual assault and rape.

On or around 13 August 1992, most detainees were released from Partizan and deported to Montenegro. The women who left on the 13 August convoy received medical care for the first time in Montenegro. Many women suffered permanent gynaecological harm due to the sexual assaults. At least one woman can no longer have children. All the women who were sexually assaulted suffered psychological and emotional harm; some remain traumatised.

According to the indictment, Gojko Jankovic and Dragan Zelenovic were deputy commanders of the military police and the main paramilitary leaders at the time of the evens in Foca.

Investigations against Gojko Jankovic and Dragan Zelenovic concerned their participation in interrogations and in acts of sexual aussault against women detained in Buk Bijela in July 1992, their participation in acts of sexual violence carried out against women and girls detained in Foca High School in July 1992, sexual abuse of women, including a girl aged 15 and one aged 16 in the Partizan Sports Hall and the transport of women from the sports hall to neighbouring houses where they were subjected to sexual violence.

Gojko Jankovic voluntarily surrendered on 13 mars 2005 and was transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on 14 mars 2005.

Trial Watch would like to remind its users that any person charged by national or international authorities is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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