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Bringing justice to victims of international crimes


    The Advocacy Center - TRIAL (ACT)
    TRIAL's cases in Switzerland
Khaled Nezzar (Algeria - 2011)
Jagath Dias (Sri Lanka - 2011)
George W. Bush (USA - 2011)
Bouguerra Soltani (Algeria - 2009)
Erwin Sperisen (Guatemala - 2008)
M.G. (Somalia - 2007)
W.G. (Afghanistan - 2006)
X. (Algeria - 2004)
Habib Ammar (Tunisia - 2003)
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Last modified on: 12.02.2016

TRIAL's cases in Switzerland

Through it's program "Fight against impunity in Switzerland", TRIAL files complaints before Swiss courts against individuals present on Swiss territory suspected of international crimes. In order to better understand what the Swiss law provides against international crimes, please click here

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