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11 updates for the last 7 days
23.07.2014   Safet Mujcinovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Safet Mujcinovic was born in 1949 in Srebrenik, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Former Yugoslavia).

Mujcinovic was Police Station Commander at the Stupari Police Station in Ladanj Municipality and later Police Station Chief of Kladanj Police Station in Tuzla Municipality.

The Indictment...

ALBORNOZ_Roberto.png 23.07.2014   Roberto Heriberto Albornoz Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Roberto Heriberto Albornoz was born on 20 November 1931 in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán. Albornoz is a former member of the Argentine police and is commonly known by the name "El Tuerto" ("the one-eyed man” in English). From the 1970s until the end of the dictatorship in...

profile_935.jpg 23.07.2014   Luciano Benjamín Menendez Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Luciano Menéndez was born on January 19, 1927 in the Buenos Aires suburb of San Martin. He enrolled in the Colegio Nacional de Guerra and was appointed Chief of the 5th Mountain Infantry Brigade during the Independencia Operation against groups of the left wing.

In 1975 he was...

Kamaruzzaman.png 22.07.2014   Muhammad Kamaruzzaman Bangladesh Bangladesh Sentenced

Muhammad Kamaruzzaman was born on 4 July 1952 in Sherpur, Bangladesh. He is the assistant Secretary general of the Bangladesh islamic party Jamaat-e-Islami. Suspected of having committed crimes against humanity during the Bangladesh liberation war, he has been indicted on 13 July 2010 at the...

profile_1055.jpg 21.07.2014   Rodrigo Tovar Pupo Colombia Colombia Sentenced

Rodrigo Pupo Tovar was born in the city of Valledupar, Colombia (date unknown). He is the son of a retired officer of the Colombian Armed Forces. During his studies in Bogotá he met Salvatore Mancuso (see “Related cases”). After completing his studies he settled down in the Department of Cesar...

ADZIC_Perica_img.jpeg 21.07.2014   Perica Adzic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Perica Adzic was a fighter in the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the armed conflict between units of the HVO and the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is accused of having tortured and caused great suffering to wounded and...

MBANENANDE_Stanislas.png 19.07.2014   Stanislas Mbanenande Rwanda Sweden Sentenced

Stanislas Mbanenande was born on 26 August 1958 in Kibuye, Rwanda and belonged to the Hutu ethnic group. As an adult, Mbanenande was educated in civil engineering and worked as a lecturer in the universities in the prefecture Butare. In the beginning of the genocide on 6 April 1994,...

profile_455.jpg 18.07.2014   Omar Ahmed Khadr Afghanistan United States Sentenced

Khadr was born on September 19, 1986 in Toronto, Canada. In 1990, Khadr and his family moved from Canada to Peshawar, Pakistan.

Khadr's father, Ahmad Sa'id Khadr (hereinafter Ahmad Khadr) was a senior al Qaeda member and close associate of Osama bin Laden and numerous other senior...

Minic_01.jpg 18.07.2014   Nebojsa Minic Kosovo Serbia Died before end of trial

Nebojša Minić was born on 1 March 1964 in Rosulje, near Peć.

During his life, he was known to be a criminal, associated with drug-dealing in Kosovo. He is also associated with crimes committed in Bosnian war.

Nebojša Minić was a former member of the Serbian Volunteer...

AFEWERKI_Issaias_img.jpg 17.07.2014   Issaias Afewerki Eritrea Sweden Denounced

Issaias Afewerki was born on 2 February 1946 in Asmara, Eritrea. He is married, and has three children.

He finished Makonnen high school in Asmara in 1965, after which he went to Haile Selassie University in Addis Ababa. Afewerki studied engineering until 1966, but had not finished them...

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