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17 updates for the last 7 days
LAMA_Kumar.jpg 20.04.2015   Kumar Lama Nepal Great Britain On trial

Kumar Lama, who is a Nepalese Colonel, was recruited into the Nepalese Army as a combat engineer in 1986 and has since served therein. During the Nepalese civil war he was a commander of the Gorusinghe barracks in Kapilvastu. Lama left Nepal after the political changes in 2006. In 2008, he...

NEZIROVIC_Almaz_img.jpg 20.04.2015   Almaz Nezirovic Former Yugoslavia United States,  Bosnia Herzegovina Indicted

Almaz Nezirovic was born on 14 August 1959 in Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time of the alleged crimes, he was a prison guard at the Rabic prison camp in Derventa. In 1992 Serbian troops were reported to have attacked Deventa the town where he was born. Following this Nezirovic joined...

20.04.2015   Syed Mohammed Hasan Bangladesh Bangladesh Sought - Arrest warrant

Syed Mohammed Hasan was the alleged commander of Tarail Razakar Bahini, an auxiliary force of the Pakistani army during the Bangladesh Liberation War.  Hasan set up a camp of the auxiliary force of the Pakistani occupation army at Tarail Police Station on 23 April 1971.

Hasan was...

20.04.2015   Miodrag Josipovic Former Yugoslavia Bosnia Herzegovina On trial

Miodrag Josipovic was the Chief of Public Security Station in Bratunac, and a member of the staff of the police force located in Zvornik. He was indicted with fellow officer and Deputy Commander of the Public Security Station in Bratunac, Branimir Tesic.

In the summer of 1995, units of...

DJIBRINE_Mahamat_img.jpg 17.04.2015   Mahamat Djibrine Chad Senegal Sentenced

Mahamat Djibrine was a member of the Directorate of Documentation and Service (DDS) political police, established as a secret police force during the rule of Hissene Habre in Chad.  The DDS served as the prime instrument of repression during the regime.

It is alleged that during...

ARIAS_CABRALES_Jesus_Armando_img.jpg 17.04.2015   Jesús Armando Arias Cabrales Colombia Colombia Sentenced

Jesús Armando Arias Cabrales was born on 13 August 1936 in Lourdes, Norte de Santander, Colombia. Arias was the Commander of the Colombian National Army from 1989 to 1990. Arias studied military science at undergraduate level and International relations, administration, and organisational...

BUNGUR_Emilio_img.png 17.04.2015   Emilio Bungur Former Yugoslavia Croatia Sentenced

Emilio Bungur was born on 10 February 1960 in Šibenik, Croatia. Bungur served as a guard of the 72nd Battalion of the Croatian Army Military Police in the Lora Military Investigative Centre in Split, Croatia during the Serb-Croat war between 1991 and 1995.

Bungur and seven other members...

BIRINDABAGABO_Jean-Paul_img.png 17.04.2015   Jean-Paul Birindabagabo Rwanda Rwanda Investigations underway

The english version of this profile will soon be accessible online.

MINICUCCI_Federico_Antonio_img.jpg 17.04.2015   Federico Antonio Minicucci Argentina Argentina Sentenced

Federico Antonio Minicucci was born on 29 March 1932 in Buenos Aires. He is a former colonel in the Argentinian Army and former chief of the 3rd regiment of La Tablada.

The “Vesubio” was a clandestine detention centre in the city of La Tablada, La Matanza Partido, within the Greater...

CIRIC_Petar_img.png 17.04.2015   Petar Ciric Former Yugoslavia Serbia Sentenced

Petar Ćirić was born on 6 June 1968 in Vrbas, Republic of Serbia. He was a member of a militia unit called the Vukovar Territorial Defence force (TO), which was operating within the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA). He was charged with having taken part in the killing and physical...

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